On a walk in a dog park in 2010, my friend Rita handed me an Eckhart Tolle CD entitled “The Flowering of Consciousness.”  Up until I listened to that CD, I believed that everyone except me had life all figured out.  Everyone else looked so happy and talked about all the great things going on in their family … their perfect vacation, a husband’s promotion, a new house, their child’s acceptance to a great college, etc.   They always smiled and seemed so together and I was sure that carried through to their lives at home behind closed doors.

And yet my live felt like a mess – I was almost always fixated with worry about money, my children, and my career.  I felt guilty over so many of my past actions.  Sometimes I snapped at my children and this riddled me with more guilt.  I was often harsh with my husband and felt like he did not love me otherwise he would eagerly help me more.  I cried often.  The other shoe was always going to drop. If only I was thinner, wealthier, and kinder, then all of “me” and everyone around me would be fixed … so I thought.   The “Flowering of Consciousness” changed all these illusions as Eckhart explained somewhere in the 3rd minute of the CD how we humans are all insane, reacting unconsciously to life from old energetic patterns trapped in our human bodies. ALL humans were a mess like me! I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t get life right! Mind-blowing. I stopped stewing over my issues privately and started talking about them to others. This was me starting to love all of myself which included loving my issues.  What profound feelings of freedom ensued.   Still, I had issues, but some of the major puppet strings jerking me around were now visible to me. Awarenss is 90% of the cure.  The other 10% is releasing the old habitualized energetic patterns.

But that other 10% of the cure ... I had no skills nor tricks nor tools to stop old energetic patterns. It became unbearable when I slipped back into old energetic patterns because I was now conscious of them ... like being released from prison and then told you had to go back due to a technical glitch.

My whole being became engaged in a quest to stay out of the prison of my old ways of being. In additions to studying all things Eckhart Tolle, I studied Caroline Myss’s teachings, Vedantic yogic philosophy, and Buddhism. “A Course In Miracles” on audio CD played in car my continuosly whenever I drove anywhere.  I took meditation classes and completed yoga teacher training. Saturday nights were spent at the Tibetan Monastery listening to an interpreter translate the Tibetan Buddhist teachings of a Rinpoche.  I attended a workshop by Caroline Myss and Norm Shealy. A friend and I travelled to Wisconsin for certification in Holy Fire Reiki levels I and II.  I followed up 3 semesters of attendance at local psychic classes with an 8-part psychic course by John Edwards of the “Crossing Over” TV show fame. By this time I knew that awareness, spirituality, and psychic sensing were all components of the same road to inner peace.

During this time, I tried out many healers: a shaman, Reiki Masters, a Cranial Sacral Therapist, Psychic Healers, a Past-Life Regressionist, Sat Nam Rasayan® practitioners from the Kundalini Yoga lineage, and a VortexHealing® Practitioner.

Physically in my body, I was sensing energy flow. Sometimes I felt energy charging up my back.  At other times I felt one or more of my chakras spin. When I meditated and sat cross-legged with a straight spine, I got energetic shudders up my spine into my head.  Third-eye visions became easy to invoke.  Downloads of “just knowing” things became normal.  And I had a few spontaneous astral travel experiences.  Engineering is my first career, so I wanted logically, with my left-brain, to understand the mechanical details behind these phenomenon. I read up on some of the basics of quantum physics so I could better understand these phenomenon. And quantum physics does explain some of these phenomenon.

All along this spiritual journey I meditated, I did yoga, I meditated, and I did more yoga.  I faced trauma and wounds from this life and past lives.  Decisions were being made with a pendulum.  And the future became whatever fell into my lap rather than some crazy made-up thoughts in my head.  During rough times, I pleaded with the Universe for help and I always heard this: “Keep doing the work.”  When I had a break-through, I thanked the Universe and I always heard, “But you’re the one doing the work”.  I was no longer being sucked into human drama with friends, family, and co-workers: I could usually refrain.  My demanding engineering job was not stressing me out much anymore.  My worry over money subsided.

Despite the progress, I still had many other issues and so many unanswered questions like “What is the difference, if any, between a nadi and a meridian?” “What does it mean that we are made of light— how does light make us?” “Is the 3rd eye related to the Pineal Gland?” Back to that first VortexHealing® session … of everything I was doing on the journey to inner peace, VortexHealing® Cosmic Energy Therapy produced the most palpable impact.  At the very first session, what lifted was a profound and deep sadness that I had felt most of my life. It was like it was still there but I could keep it at bay.  After that healing, my spiritual work consisted of ashtanga yoga, kundalini yoga, meditating and an occassional session with a VortexHealing® Practitioner. During the VortexHealing® sessions, I experienced ‘pops’ in various parts of my body. These pops were old energy patterns clearing and releasing. Once, after a day-long VortexHealing® intensive session, I had the thought, “If they ever bring that training to the Twin Cities, I’m going!”

And then a half a year later Foundational Training for VortexHealing® came to the Twin Cities. And in that training is where all aspects of my spiritual journeying began to unite. The VortexHealing® Teachings seemed to provide a cohesive set of  teachings that covered everything spiritual that I’d been studying.  VortexHealing® teachings encompass spiritual teachings of awareness and awakening aligned with Eckhart Tolle’s teachings.  The teachings also work with intuitive sensing. But the main goal of VortexHealing® is releasing old energetic patterns in many dimensions: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. After the release, in order to keep the old patterns from re-activating, new patterns are intended for the client and then integrated into the clients being.

VortexHealing® Natural Energy Therapy is a magical path toward inner peace.

®VortexHealing is a registered service mark of the R. Weinman VH Trust. All rights reserved. Used here with permission.