Not knowing exactly what to expect, my Vortex Healing with Mindy was amazing.  I went into the session without a specific issue but was open to what might emerge.  I did have concerns about laying still for 45 minutes without falling asleep or getting fidgety. When the session ended it seemed  like only 10 minutes passed.   I was so surprised by the deep issues that presented themselves during my session.  Mindy is a talented and skillful healer.  Her rapport made me immediately comfortable and comforted.  I highly recommend Mindy. ... Barbara, Saint Paul

Mindy is a gentle and effective energy healer. ... Mary

Wow, I felt energized - like a lightning bolt recharged me! ... B.O.

Mindy had a profound impact on my daily life with just a few sessions. Not only did my knee problem resolve itself, but my constant worry about my son’s money issues seemed to subside .... its like the old thought pattern is about to come up and I notice it but I can stop myself from engaging in it. And sometimes I even have spontaneous feelings of gratitude for what does go right for him. This is most definitely divine healing. .... H.M. , Minneapolis