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A Good Life in Two Steps: Part I

By Energetic Elevation

FRI JUN 21, 2019

by Mindy Schulke

A good life stems from physical health and high energy. Do you want a good life? If so, you must must must put fruits and vegetables in your mouth every day.

Your entire physical body is composed of what you ingest. If you put junk in your mouth, your cells are constructed out of junk, work poorly, and are overloaded trying to process and eliminate the junk. If you put high quality nutrition in your mouth, your cell construction is superb and your cells function at a superior level.

Did you know that your body is continuously renewing cells? This great news means that you can reverse damage caused by unhealthy eating. You can get your body back on the path to great physical health and high energy. Two simple steps can start you on a journey to this good life.

STEP I: write the following statement on a note card or a piece of paper and carry it around with you everywhere: I am in the process of fueling my body with high quality nutrition. Take the notecard out and read it frequently. If you mis-step and don‘t eat healthy, that’s OK because you are in the process of fueling your body with high quality nutrition and that process doesn’t happen instantly for most people: it takes time, it takes mistakes, it takes re-training your daily habits. Don’t beat yourself up. Instead, fall in love with yourself for any little daily successes toward healthy eating and then continue the process.

STEP II: Make the very first meal of each day a raw fruit and/or vegetable like a smoothie or a salad. After eating a high quality, nutritious meal as the first meal of the day, you won’t feel drained and tired like you do after a low-quality meal. You’ll feel energized and successful. After that first healthy meal, if you eat poorly the rest of the day, you won’t feel as guilty because at least your body received some good fuel to run on from earlier in the day. Eliminate that guilt over poor eating because it leads to more poor eating as you try to soothe your feelings of guilt.

In summary, the two steps are 1. carrying around the “I am in the process of fueling my body with high quality nutrition” notecard and 2. eating raw fruits and/or vegetables the first meal of the day.

Best wishes for a good life!


Mindy Schulke


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Stay tuned for Part II of this article and then next month’s article on breaking addictions.

Thanks for reading,

Mindy Schulke

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