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An Old Oak Grove

By Energetic Elevation

SUN SEP 06, 2020

Imagine walking on a path of moss under the overhanging branches of an old oak grove beside a hedge of purple and red flowers. A slight breeze whispers down the path, carrying the fragrance of the flowers. Sunlight pops through the branches now and then, warming your face as you move step by step on the cushion of moss. Close your eyes and take a few moments to imagine yourself on that path.

Do you realize your mind can live anywhere? ... walking on a lush path under the branches of an old oak grove, swept up in a fantasy future, tumbling inside a stressful problem, or skirting around the edge of a traumatic past event. Your physical body will react to your mind as if the mental situation was happening in the present moment. That is the power of the human mind.

A peaceful place to let your mind dwell is inside your body in the here and now. Concentrate on your breath, the movement of your muscles as you reach for something, or your heart pumping inside your chest. Close your eyes and take a few moments to anchor your mind somewhere inside your body.

Practice mind management by dwelling on the present actions of the aliveness of your physical form. Yoga and meditation are also powerful teachers of mastering your mind’s focus. You can be a prisoner to your mind’s every whim or you can learn to manage the focus your mind. Controlling your mind is the key to inner peace.