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How to Forgive?

By Energetic Elevation

SUN JAN 20, 2019

As I mentally hated on a partner from a discontinued relationship, a third-eye vision of him interrupted the bitter thoughts. I heard him say, Am I never to be worthy of your love again?

I’ve shared five pastlife relationships with him. I’ve seen two future relationships with him. So when I heard him say — Am I never to be worthy of your love again? — that punched a gap in my hateful thoughts several thousand years wide. For over two millennia he‘s come around to help me learn life lessons and I‘m grudging a few comparatively small moments of his behavior in this life? How long should I harbor this bitterness? Two more weeks? A decade? One more incarnation? Am I to be unforgiving for another millennium? What amount of time is fair payment to earn my love back? The bitter thoughts suddenly seemed silly.

And damn him for asking that question! He broke my heart open again. Yes, he behaved in ways in this lifetime that hurt me, but he really just hurt my expectations of him. And he’s not capable of meetings everyone’s expectations all the time — he’s a human. I’m a human. I can’t meet everyone’s expectations either. I can’t even meet my own expectations of myself. He thinks I hurt him. Many others will say I‘ve hurt them. I‘ve hurt my own children when operating from any one of my never-ending pockets of ignorance and immaturity. Am I never to be worthy of their love again?

All creatures deserve unconditional love all the time under all circumstances. All creatures. All the time. Under all circumstances. Almost no human is capable of that tall order. And so, you will perceive that others hurt you and they will perceive that you hurt them. Embracing this is the key to operating from compassion. Living from compassion is the magic carpet ride to forgiveness.