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How To Heal

By Energetic Elevation

SUN MAR 15, 2020

To heal anything — physical or mental — raise your vibration. How?

1. Turn off the TV

2. Meditate

3. Do yoga

4. Excavate your wounds ... turnaround and face them ... stop running from your buried pain

5. Do Byron Katie’s “The Work”

6. Watch any Eckhart Tolle broadcast

7. Listen to Eckhart Tolle read “The Power Of Now” or “A New Earth” on audio CDs

(Soaking up any Eckhart Tolle will automatically raise your vibration)

8. Sit with the monks in a Buddhist Monestary

9. Eat high vibrational foods - fruit and vegetables - avoid food that contains suffering

10. Name something you are grateful for every morning

11. Distance yourself, physically and mentally, from liars and people with drama and narcissism and perpetual victim attitudes - seek instead relationships with humans who are responsible, truthful, balanced, giving, and exhibit high integrity and compassion.

12. Live your life intuitively using your “gut feel” to make decisions. Recognize when your mind is spinning stories out of fear — then disregard those stories and go back to your intuition.

13. Yoga and meditation and more yoga and meditation.