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Micro Meditation Instructions

By Energetic Elevation

SUN FEB 17, 2019

Go into a room and lock the door. Sit with a straight spine on a seat or on the floor with your legs bent, straight, or cross-legged. If you need the support, sit up against a wall. Close your eyes. Keeping your eyes shut, focus your gaze between your eyebrows. Inhale and exhale long, deep breaths through your nose. Concentrate on the journey of the breath through your body. On the inhale, let the air fill up your belly, inflate your rib cage, expand your lungs, and then lift your clavicles. Reverse this on the exhale: your clavicles drop, lungs empty, ribs deflate, and belly relaxes. Focus on your breath like this for 30 seconds.

If you accomplished the above, you just meditated. Over time, try to achieve 10 minutes of this meditation in a single sitting even if you only do this once a week and even if it takes you a year to achieve 10 minutes. But do it longer and more often if you are able. The first few meditations are the hardest. Over time it gets easier because your system starts to crave the respite from the daily rat-race and from its own noisy mind.

Below are some key points about the meditation process.

1. Why a locked door? If you live with others, lock the door to eliminate any worries about interruptions.

2. Why focus between your brows? This will bring your energy to the spiritual parts of the brain and out of the fearful parts. See this blog for more details.

3. Why focus on the breath? While meditating, the mind needs a job to do or else it will find its own in the form of a meandering thought factory.

4. Should you be completely without thoughts during meditation? You likely won’t be without some thoughts during meditation. When you become aware that your mental focus has wandered away the breath, say to yourself, “Come on back.”

5. Does meditation scare some people? Some people are afraid of what will come up during meditation. When you are not distracted by the mind’s daily habits and thought addictions, issues can surface. What lies hidden in you must surface so it can be dealt with, dissolved, and released. This is how you calm the monkey mind and create a tamer, stronger mind. Journaling about the thoughts that arise during mediatation is a great way to get to know your issues.

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